Laura's List for the Long Haul

As we mentioned in our latest article featuring Laura Buitron and her trip called "Ashes of Freedom", we are passing along her gear list which will make the long haul packing process a little less daunting. If you are traveling outside of your home country, for months at a time, this list is suitable for you. If you're planning on taking a smaller trip, or have a smaller bike.. just adjust accordingly! Keep in mind that Laura's ride is a BMW F800GSA, and has the storage capacity for this, but she has cut down quite a bit along the trip. Let's get to it!

I. Documents

  •  Passport
  • Driver license
  • ID
  • Birth certificate
  • Immunization card (no need but I like to have it)
  • Motorcycle title
  •  6-8 copies of each document, useful on border crossings (I have made color copies of my license plate and laminated. Reasons: with vibration the original can get lose & fall off, a collector may want to take it, police may threaten to take it in case of accident or speeding ticket. Carry the original in a safe place with the luggage)

II. Miscellaneous Bike Gear

  • Brake disk lock, thick plastic coated cable with lock & bicycle cable lock (for helmet)
  • Flat tire fix spray
  • Light weight cover
  • Ziplock bags (2 sizes)
  • Cable ties (3 sizes)
  • Strap (the simple one, no ratchet strap)
  • Bungee net
  • Few luggage straps (simple thing)
  • 2-3 ft wire
  • 0-35 ft line (to tow or tie down the  bike, no need too thick)
  • Tire patches tube repair
  • Head lamp & spare batteries
  • Chain spray lube
  • Bag with bolts & nuts for the bike (I have 1 metal clamp, 1 plastic hose connector (2 female end))
  • Bag glues & tapes: 2 part epoxy or JB weld, 2 part past that when mixed becomes hard as a rock (to repair metal), electrical tape duct tape, thermic tape or tape for hose
  • Liner for the pannier (it is like a duffle bag that fits perfect inside the pannier)
  • Back pack, better if waterproof. (If not, it would need a garbage bag inside, sits across and behind me; very useful for hiking day trips)

III. Spares Parts

  • Bulbs
  • Spark Plugs
  • Brake pads
  • Oil filter
  • I'm using a KNG air filter so I can keep cleaning it without exchanging it.
  • (Before installing any type of spare lights talk to the mechanic, you don't want to overload the bike and burn the alternator).
  • My bike doesn’t need fuses, but what about yours?
  • Spare tubes: due to my tire size it is hard to find spare tubes, unless the country I am on has big bikes.

IV. Tools

  • Leatherman
  • Wrench ( to take off front & rear wheel)
  • Tire spoons
  • Tool roll specific for my bike
  • 12v air compressor

V. Riding gear

  • Boots
  • Gloves
  • Neck brace (I have the foam one)
  • Jacket, pants
  • Dry fit underwear down to knees (helps with rash)
  • Socks (I use compression ones sometimes as it helps with circulation)
  • I don't carry rain gear, my jacket has a removable waterproof inner liner, pants has it to but I didn't bring it.

VI. 1st Aid kid

VII. Electronics

  • Unlock iPhone: so you can buy a SIM card for each country, if you wish
  • Selfie stick
  • Mini articulated tripod & regular size tripod (don't used it often)
  • Camera Canon Power Shot G6 (shutter control remote)
  • GoPro Hero 4 & 3 fittings
  • iPad Air, but I recommend a small & light computer.
  • Logitech Ultra-thin keyboard
  • External hard drive
  • Cables & adapters
  • GPS but my only had USA & Canada maps, so I use on my phone “MAPSME” it is an open source map that you download  the maps of the country or region you will be traveling, no need phone service to do the routing. There is an app called OVERLANDERS, it is a map where overlanders pinpoint places they have been and the info about.

VIII. Clothes & personal

  • Running shoes (because I like to run)
  • Flip flops
  • 6 Dry fit underwear
  • 3 Sport bra
  • 4 Dry fit shirts (I feel 3 should have been good for me, they are sponsor shirts)
  • 4 Sleveless shirts (I feel 3 should have been good for me, but they are sponsors shirts so I need to carry them)
  •  1 legging
  • 1 jeans
  • 1 sport short
  • 1 jean short
  •  1 skirt
  • 1 long sleeve button shirt
  • 5 pairs of socks
  • 2 buffs or bandanas
  • Bikini
  • Mini pepper spray
  • Light jacket or rain coat
  • Toilet treat bag: ½ comb, floss, tooth past, sunblock, face cream, razor, deodorant, hair ties, leave-in, mini nail clipper, mini nail file, tweezers, mini mirror, oil for my hair     
  • Wet wipes
  • Sunglasses
  • Backpack made with of a material similar of parachute, very think and folds to the side of a fist
  • Documents: original title, passport, ID/ Drivers license

VIV. Camping Gear

  • 1P tent
  • Summer light sleeping bag
  • Thermarest sleeping pad, only ½ size (for my back)
  • 1 burner & 1 gas canister (I didn't bring my JetBoil as I didn't know if I would find gas canister. I could have brought the MSR multi fuel burner but with the fuel canister, it was taking a lot of space)
  • Collapsible mug & bowl
  • Plastic spoon & fork, pocket knife
  • Cigarette lighter
  • Machete or big knife, mine is tie down to the frame of the bike


If you've taken trips of your own and have some items to add to this list, please feel free to send them over at!