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Service Saturday with Daughters of the Road

Daughters of the Road strives to advocate and invest in our community by creating a more positive environment. We believe that community service is key to cultivating a relationship with those around us. DotR aims to establish camaraderie both within the biker community and between the biker community and the cities in which we ride!

Hashtag Lunchbag Orlando is a wonderful cause for which volunteers come and assemble bagged lunches that they immediately distribute to any hungry members of our community. DotR was present at the last event and grew so much from the experience.

On Saturday, September 24th, we plan to meet up at 9:00 AM (location TBD) and ride together to the Hashtag Lunchbag event. After assisting them in their lunchbag assembly, we will ride the bikes and distribute the lunches within the community.

Feel free to join us for as much of the event as you can; we look forward to meeting as many of you as we can!

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